Ad film maker in Kolkata

I am Niladri Lahiri, the founder of Squarem Soft Media Services and an eminent documentary film maker in Kolkata. With years of experience in the media industry, I have grown as a passionate film director taking immense interest in making documentaries, ad films and corporate films. Squarem Soft Media Services is a professional media house run by a close-knit group of creative film technicians and supporting staffs. Being a zealous feature firm maker in Kolkata, it’s an initiative to nurture new talents and shape film makers of different genres.

I have been receiving high acclamations for my work and I have my well wishers who continuously motivate me to move ahead with tons of creative works in feature films, tele films and television serials as well.

I am honored that people across the country have liked my work as a documentary and ad film maker in Kolkata and I owe my heartfelt gratitude to all the appreciation I received. Some of my other creations that have received high acclamation are the telefilm “Pritha”, short film “Bhikari ta” ("The Beger", story composed by Banaphool) and “Dashabhuja” (my first feature film), which enabled me to mark a name of myself in the industry. Some of my popular ad films are EFFAR Gas stove, Chandra & Sons, Mahatirtha Sindur, Boy's Elegant Candy, Ranga Jaba, Schefields Pens, Zap Roop Shringar, Hotel East Palace and many more to come. Documentary film like "Golden Age", "Kolkata Police", "Kandi" are few of my creation as a documentary film maker in Kolkata.

Some of my appreciated corporate films as a corporate film maker in Kolkata includes “Information Technology in West Bengal” and “Industry in West Bengal” for West Bengal Government, "Ticket-less Journey" for Eastern Railways, Hoogly Dairy for West Bengal Poultry & Dairy Development Corporation, "Webel Tunge Academi", "Pranabananda Chikitsa Bharati", "PolyBest Winding Wear", "Polio for West Bengal", "Arsenic for West Bengal", "Nova Fans", "Interiors for Bose Enterprises", "Banichakra".

I am into performing arts, acting in theaters, serials, feature films and more for over as decade. Now, being a corporate film maker in Kolkata, I feel privileged to create my own niche. I am a government empanelled movie director, with my work being recognized by the West Bengal government. With the support of my audiences, I wish I will continuously impress my audiences with remarkable performances that would portray our contemporary society.


While working as a feature film maker in Kolkata I have realized that the film making field is highly competitive. I consider myself lucky enough to work with eminent talent Lt. Jhochan Dastidar for 10 years which is an unforgettable chapter in my life. I have been continuously appreciated for my work not only as a feature film maker in Kolkata but also as ad film maker in Kolkata, documentary film maker in Kolkata and corporate film maker in Kolkata too. As a feature film maker in Kolkata I have directed “Dashabhuja” which has got me high acclamations for the film. I am now looking forward to establish a concrete place as a feature film maker in Kolkata with my upcoming flick “Seuli” based on a story written by Sanjib Chattopadhyay.